this idea is stolen from a friend’s concept, originally put forth sometime in 1989

The forest was a beautiful and happy place. The bunnies that lived there thoroughly enjoyed their peaceful existence. Every day they’d hop to and fro, foraging on delicious and wild plants and then spend their lazy afternoons frolicking in the meadows. It was an idyllic life that any bunny would kill for…

Then things began to go horribly wrong. The grass began to dry up and die, the creek that gently bubbled through the forest now bubbled with incandescent sludge, the trees withered and the bunnies changed. The bunnies grew nearly as tall as a man and nearly as intelligent. They were horrified that their home had become this toxic wasteland and they wanted to know why, how and who’s ass to whup up on. The bunnies came across the trailer home of a semi-hermetic, survivalist retiree. Not fully understanding but still full of hate, the bunnies rushed the trailer and quickly dispatched the retiree. The bunnies then converted the trailer into their home of operations and via the treasure trove of vintage `80’s action movies the bunnies taught themselves how to use the retiree’s arsenal of assault weapons and sub-machine guns as well as teaching themselves martial arts. Now they’re prepared, and they’ve found out where the toxic sludge is coming from.

The owners & employees of Bio-Gen Technologies had better watch out. These bunnies are pissed and they’re out for revenge.

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The Action Hero Killer Bunnies from Hell

Marko_Fett Killer bunny